Wordbooker: Promote your entire website on Facebook

Recently I was assigned the task of promoting our yearly signature event: FHL Week.  It’s an entire week of ‘Backyard Missions’ outreach to the neighborhoods and people of the city of Indianapolis and its outlying areas.   Anything from cleaning gas stations bathrooms to light construction renovation is offered to businesses and private dwellings alike.  Project ideas are generated by area church leaders and supported by FHL International, Inc. (Faith, Hope and Love International) beginning around April and May and in July everything is ready to go to kick off the spontaneity of outreach that follows during FHL Week  in July.

FHL is a very mobile organization.  We podcast, vodcast and gather pictures about our work in real time and then post them to our various social media.  On a daily basis that can be a lot of work without some automation, during FHL Week its almost next to impossible to keep with the flow of incoming posts that have to be edited before being posted to the web site.  With Facebook we have both our president’s  profile page plus our org’s “fan” page.  Having a tool that can post to both simultaneously or to either is a godsend.  That’s where WordBooker comes in.

Wordbooker is a social media tool that allows you to do simultaneous auto-postings to two Facebook pages and updates those pages when ever they are edited.   It’s an extremely robust application that allows a great deal of control at the poster level.  The settings page is huge and can be a little intimidating to the novice user because it allows for a great deal of customization and over-ride but Wordbooker provides some helpful documentation and they have a Facebook Fan page of their own where you can report any issues.  One thing to remember is the settings are a little tricky at first.  Incorrect settings can cause you to double post and you’ll want to avoid this by making sure the republish settings are correctly configured for your needs.

Author’s Note: As of this posting , Facebook, is having some problems on their end and have been reporting since Thursday (9/2/2010) that the API was experiencing Key errors and today WordBooker reports that there is trouble with sessions expiring without warning.  Indeed, I had to reconnect to Facebook only moments ago on the WordBooker settings page.  Happily, everything is back to normal and Wordbooker is publishing!


VaultPress: No Hassle Online BackUp For Your WordPress Blog

It’s been some studying for a final, a project proposal done, container gardening, house cleaning, social media management, other WordPress blogging, school starting, and some web site maintenance (also WordPress) in between the time of my last post and now.   In all that busyness, there are a few things that I tend to forget.   Backing up files is one of the easiest things to forget and but one of the things you should never forget. All that hard work online could be easily lost.

You could DIY with your hosting provider, but why take on one more hassle when your “To-Do” list is piling up?

There’s a relatively new service out there that claims to do the trick (more on that in a moment) called VaultPress.  Matt Mullenweg announced it back in March.  Since that time, VaultPress has established itself on Twitter, its own blog, and been heralded by TechCrunch.   VaultPress is brought to you by the makers of WordPress and designed especially for WordPress blogs and sites.  But right now its still in Beta so you have to get a golden ticket and its one neat sign-up form.

They have an intriguing video intro and a testimonial page, but the reason I got interested is that a twitter friend who is the CEO of a very large publishing company and who blogs frequently posted this tweet:

Well, ok then!  An endorsement just like they advertised.  I guess I better sign-up.

The Relaunch of NanoWeek

I started this blog originally as a commentary on the huge changes happening to the Internet and Education.  These things still interest me but since then I’ve taken a different path in IT.   After some encouragement from a few mentors, I have decided to relaunch NanoWeek as a blog about my WordPress tips, tricks, and struggles.   But along the way I’ll share what I’ve learned these past 5 years about:

  • Web Design and Development in the age of CMS
  • Social Media Management for Faith-based Non-profits
  • CMS Management with a focus on Information Architecture
  • Unified Communication on a shoestring budget

It’s been a useful five years to me and I hope what I share will be useful to you.