About Me

I’m the IT/Communications Director for FHL International/Community, Inc., a faith-based, non-profit operating out of Indianapolis, IN.  As IT Director I wear a LOT of hats and get to learn a LOT of things in the process.  I provide technology consultation for Brian McDonald an Instructor for the English Department at IUPUI.   And I also have my own Web Design and Development business, dedicated to providing each of my clients a complete solution for their web presence.

I love to write about omniverous subject matter – which means almost no subject area is off limits for exploration excepting the vulgar.  I’ve read at least 4 bookcases full of books not counting the years from age 10 to the present when I’ve been a legal library card holder. ;P I’ve been a musician and sometime composer, a poet,  a market researcher, a house cleaner, a customer relations rep, an electronics assembler, a sales person, a homemaker, and a university instructor.  That’s life. But now, I focus my work energy on trying to provide the best technology solution and service I can for my clients and I focus my spirit on God and helping others as I can.  All of that keeps me pretty busy.  So I’ve learned in these ever-changing times that the secret to everything is to keep at IT. 😉


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