VaultPress: No Hassle Online BackUp For Your WordPress Blog

It’s been some studying for a final, a project proposal done, container gardening, house cleaning, social media management, other WordPress blogging, school starting, and some web site maintenance (also WordPress) in between the time of my last post and now.   In all that busyness, there are a few things that I tend to forget.   Backing up files is one of the easiest things to forget and but one of the things you should never forget. All that hard work online could be easily lost.

You could DIY with your hosting provider, but why take on one more hassle when your “To-Do” list is piling up?

There’s a relatively new service out there that claims to do the trick (more on that in a moment) called VaultPress.  Matt Mullenweg announced it back in March.  Since that time, VaultPress has established itself on Twitter, its own blog, and been heralded by TechCrunch.   VaultPress is brought to you by the makers of WordPress and designed especially for WordPress blogs and sites.  But right now its still in Beta so you have to get a golden ticket and its one neat sign-up form.

They have an intriguing video intro and a testimonial page, but the reason I got interested is that a twitter friend who is the CEO of a very large publishing company and who blogs frequently posted this tweet:

Well, ok then!  An endorsement just like they advertised.  I guess I better sign-up.


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